Behind the scenes: The XAJA music video One (Making of)

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  • 11. November 2014

Smoke and Sound?! – On the contrary! In recent days we produced for the 25th anniversary of the rockband Xaja, the music video for “One”. The white lady with her breathtaking spaces was the perfect location to make it not just by smoke and sound. Equipped with a fog machine, 17 reels and extension cords, we could see the huge former factory space appear in the right light, to convey the soulful song with goosebumps. It was the first shot, where our RED Dragon sensor was used. With resolution in 6k and the great dynamic range, the lighting conditions of the right background did not get bright in contrary to the left, darker side. The second part of the video we shot in the rehearsal room of the band. This resulted in especially to the particular fog machine. It should be fine, white mist arise and to create no smoke trails or even bluish smoke. A cozy atmosphere in the rehearsal room. Since it was the five band members also not hard to indulge in authentic old memories of matches fought band’s history. Our team was a minor matter:-)

_IMG_1372 _IMG_1162

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