Bleker Autoteile – car parts

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The Bleker Group opens a completely new logistics part with its new auto parts centre. This takes Bleker Autoteile to new dimensions. This is exactly what we should make clear with our film production in a short clip. The concept: humorous, showing the big logistic and the strengths of this logistic monster.





Office solutions for real contract hunters – Thies office solutions

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Office solutions for real contract hunters – Thies office solutions Clip

For Thies, we have designed a small clip that focuses on their furniture in a new, more significant way.

After successful placement of an order, everyone in the office celebrates the successful office furniture. The film production took place on two days. One day was devoted to the construction, light and sound preparations. Office solutions were staged here. An interactive TV sets new standards there and “brings momentum to the office”.


Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-28 um 11.27.48 Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-28 um 11.27.35 Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-28 um 11.27.11 Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-28 um 11.26.47 Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-28 um 11.26.32 Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-28 um 11.26.24

katamaran cat cup segeln catamarankatamaran cat cup segeln catamaran

Sailing with catamaran

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Sailing like never before

In Schwerin started the shoot. It was not the warmest day to sail. For us a completely new experience, because this time it was not, car to car, but boat to boat. We drove out and shot spectacular shots of catamarans. One faster than the other. In our video production it was important that we are faster like all other catamarans. So it was close that we changed to a speedboat. With countless knots through the water, we have brought in each catamaran. We had to watch out, that we do not interfere with the current competition with our own waves. This can give someone a clear disadvantage.
The droneshots we did, did everything necessary from above.

wotan wilke möhring

Wotan Wilke Möhring Men Fashion

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Wotan Wilke Möhring Men fashion

Wotan is the new ambassador for engbers. This constellation must be firmly held. To get insights for photoshoot, we have accompanied this. From the variety of sets and scenes we could win enough material for these very short six hours shoot. Followed by an interview, this was the optimal combination to show the cooperation with Wotan Wilke Möhring and engbers in an exciting and dynamic way.

To this end, more films will follow.

Ganze Kolumne
Outfit Jacko
Link zu Vimeo

zeichnung drawing

Drawing for Storyboard

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The drawing

With a drawing both parties are on the same level. The grandiose ideas confused not only in a head, but are on paper now or in this case in a digital storyboard.
This is one of the drawings for a current storyboard. More we can´t tell at this moment. :)


Commercial clip emsa myBakery Butler

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Commercial clip equal but different.

Almost like in paradise … just without snacking! With our filming the commercial clip of myBakers Butler of EMSA, the water ran us one time or another in your mouth. So that the whipped cream, the fresh raspberries and other ingredients would survive the long hours turning the spotlight without changing the exterior, we had to dig deep into their bag of tricks. The use of chemical products not only prevented that the goodies, even at warmer temperatures, went in together, but unfortunately, the delicacy of the team.
The commercial clip is available in six different languages: Russian, German, English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. When storyboard therefore had to be taken right from the start that everything also corresponds to all prescribed standards of the respective countries. For example, the raspberry cream pie was chosen, which enjoys great popularity in all countries. The muffins were on the other hand occur in the promotional clip in variety of ways.
The butler comes in with a etagere to showcase cupcakes and cake pops nicely on the coffee table, and without etagere, to transport flat or high pies and cakes. Thus arose the same two commercial clips that introduce the respective myBaker Butler in its diversity.
The commercial clip is available in 6 different languages. Including Russian, German, English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. Ultimately, two different commercials are these come out in six different language variations a lot of files, had to be thought wise over its sorting and coding. So we have previously configured a system that allowed us to classify and sort the 9GB large files easier. Very clever!

To the product



Corporate film or brand introduction

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Corporate film or corporate video. No matter how you want to call it. We supplied Drexelius Präzisionsdrehteile exactly what they needed. Varied, similar to some existing regulations through imagefilms, not too costly and brought the matter within two minutes to the point.
This we realized with the script, the storyboard, the days of filming, our drone and ultimately with the average for the Sauerland dominions. A wonderful environment brought a lot of fun with it.
The result is now online.

unternehmensfilm brand introduction unternehmerfilm


New music video recorded in 6k and played in 4k. Therapiezentrum – 1000 mal so stark

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From album “Barfuss” provides Therapiezentrum her first single now. We already produced the last single from the album “Herz Ryhtmus Störung”.
With the single “1000 mal so stark” we were pleased once again to be able to work with them. Soft images and a mixture of white (verses) and black (chorus), provided the contrast of the story.

Recorded was the video to 6k. We were able to edit all skin tones in perfect conditions for a strong color correction. This also applied to the rock part, because the main protagonist performs even in the band.

Big Boss Run commercial // behind the scenes

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Run run run. It was cold and it was wet, but with 14kg DRAGON RED EPIC camera equipment in hand, we were warm very quickly. Our Gimbal made this a “steady hand” in action-packed scenes. The commercial spot for BIG BOSS RUN was a huge large success and ultimately made the actors really fun.

6k-4k-kamera-aufzeichnung filmdreh-im-wald gimbal-am-filmset


Crossfit Twente – 30k location photos

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Locationphotos, Crossfit, Twente, Enschede, photo, light game, 6k, 4k, 8k, 30k

Crossfit Twente is a Crossfit box in the Netherlands. But on the other hand all other facilities will be trained here in a disused church. For the new campaign, we have captured this location in some 30k photos. Sorry, we can not present the ultimate sharpness, but these photos give an idea of the sharpenes.

With our know-how we highlight the incredible play of light and provide to the foreground. This is now probably the most grandiose Crossfit box in the world and one of the most beautiful places to sweat.



Opening Dreischeibenhaus film and photo by drone

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On the occasion of the opening of the Dreischeibenhaus in Dusseldorf, we accompanied the constructions for the event and glamorous evening reception. Noise Toys did a brilliant job and moved a total stage into the Dreischeibenhaus, including an impressive stage lighting. This should be submitted the focus on shooting.

In order to provide a general overview of the complete building, it made sense to show the 26 floors on bird’s-eye view. With one of our drone / multicopter we climbed 100m in height, to get the 96m high building completely into the picture. Approximately 1500 windows of total 3,000 windows, were so to see in one fell swoop.

We did not only an excellent video, but also stunning photos. Some selected photos are here to see.

Dreischeibenhaus_Drohne_Multikopter Dreischeibenhaus_Fassade Dreischeibenhaus_Konzert_Drohne Dreischeibenhaus_Außenbeleuchtung Dreischeibenhaus_Konzert_Drohne1 Dreischeibenhaus_Empfang_Drohne Dreischeibenhaus_a&o_Flugscheinwerfer

Photos from Film in 6k

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Otherwise thought as the classic photo look, we wanted to create a different look for this shooting. With our RED EPIC DRAGON we could exude a pleasant atmosphere during the entire shoot. At a resolution of 6k (higher than some DSLR SLR cameras ), we were able to shoot images without time pressure. The actors were free to move and did not pose. Just for the customers of Bas Wortel Personal Training, this was a real relief. 100 images are generated continuously in the second, wich makes it easy to choose the best photos / scene easily. No problem with twinkling eyes or hair are the face.
In addition,  the film look from the camera and an image in widescreen format, which is perceived easier on the eye than the 4: 3 of a DSLR.

Fantastic fast results!



Emsa TurboLine Herb / Vegetable Cutter Product Video

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The whole team was looking forward to healthy-saturating days of shooting. For EMSA we did a product video produced in the studio, who introduces the small practical TurboLine herb and vegetable cutter. Before we created a storyboard, in which we planned all the scenes and were afterwards put together, to showcase the functions of the vegetable cutter in all facets.

advertising on school bus

School trip with the Simpsons school bus

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For an exceptional advertising we have organized an unusual vehicle: an american school bus. To set the bus and the picture in the  right scene we include scouted places and routes, such as the Rhein Bridge in Cologne or railway station in Dortmund. This means that the different cities character could be brought into the picture. On board: our 18kg heavy equipment, which was responsible for the stabilization during the trip and allows a soft, yet smooth frame in the video appear.


Behind the scenes: The XAJA music video One (Making of)

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Smoke and Sound?! – On the contrary! In recent days we produced for the 25th anniversary of the rockband Xaja, the music video for “One”. The white lady with her breathtaking spaces was the perfect location to make it not just by smoke and sound. Equipped with a fog machine, 17 reels and extension cords, we could see the huge former factory space appear in the right light, to convey the soulful song with goosebumps. It was the first shot, where our RED Dragon sensor was used. With resolution in 6k and the great dynamic range, the lighting conditions of the right background did not get bright in contrary to the left, darker side. The second part of the video we shot in the rehearsal room of the band. This resulted in especially to the particular fog machine. It should be fine, white mist arise and to create no smoke trails or even bluish smoke. A cozy atmosphere in the rehearsal room. Since it was the five band members also not hard to indulge in authentic old memories of matches fought band’s history. Our team was a minor matter:-)

_IMG_1372 _IMG_1162

erklärfilm, erklaerfilm, explanatory film, explanatory video

Whitout camera on the road

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In this project, we had no camera at hand. All animations we had to create from 0 and get new effects on. Including the storyboard and text design a fairly large project, which was completed in just a few days.
Motion Graphics is called this kind of animation.
The result is also yet to see.



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Not every event video should be the same. That we have set ourselves. To do this in a different way, we bore a complete green screen to Wiesbaden. There we filmed a lots of crazy people. How this looks in the finished film, will come true in the next few days.


löwe hegenberg productions

Come to the lions

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Unbelievable what you can do with a bit of material. Incredible details in such a large sculpture. We were allowed to press the record button in between of the production, on these genesis of these mighty lions.
Soon they are delivered, which means shooting No.2 for us.

loewe 2 hegenberg productions