Corporate- Imagefilm

Show your potential. Create attention for your company or your story.

Commercial / Advertising

Short, concise and effective. Here creative freedom is needed, created for the acquisition of new customers.

Creative Content

High quality account creation for social media, Youtube or the displays of our customers.


Cinematographically in scene and a documenation with concept. Whether an hour or over a year.

Aftermovie and eventvideo

Euphoric and emotional. An aftermovie shows the highlights of an event.


Products innovatively, modernly and inspiringly staged and used with strategy.


Creative playground.

Equipped with a Cyclorama wall, green screen, studio light and much more, the studio offers ideal production possibilities.



Video production: Become visible!

Videos arouse emotions and transport individual messages more than any other medium. As a marketing tool, they have long since taken a leading position in our modern world. In this way you can reach an incredibly large target group with a creatively and attractively designed advertising film – thanks to the platforms Web 2.0 that offers you – and can attract attention as well as inspire a large number of people for a new product.

For the presentation of a company on its own homepage, an imagefilm is nowadays quite simply a part of it. In this way you give new business partners, potential customers and interested professionals an authentic insight into your daily work and your company philosophy. At the same time, you can clearly differentiate yourself from the competition and have a positive influence on the perception of the outside world with a vivid image video.

Hegenberg-Productions – Videoproduction with passion

As experienced professionals in the creation of image and event films, the production of commercials, documentations, creative content and product videos, we put together with you an individualized concept on the road and implement it with professional competence. Whether you’re making a TV or film production, or wanting to shoot an emotionally-charged or funny viral clip or event video, in our all-in-one production, you’re in the best hands for any type of video production.

With passion and creativity, we have been producing brand-name advertising for more than 15 years – for a wide range of different customers from a wide range of industries. We see our video production as a classic decathlon in which each discipline has to be mastered successfully in order to achieve overall victory. From conception to production, directing, camera and animation, perfection is required in all interlinked areas.

Postproduction and recording in the studio

In the highly competitive field of advertising by means of video messages plays – in addition to substantive genius – the quality and thus the equipment a very important role. With our high-quality RED cameras we create films or photos with up to 300 frames per second – and in a resolution of up to 8k – that means 12 times higher than HD! So you get flawless and crisp images.

After the shoot, which takes place either in one of our large creative studios or in the open air, every picture can be reworked. Show presence and attract attention – with a professionally created commercial by Hegenberg-Productions. As international professionals, we shoot your video in our professionally equipped local studios, as well as anywhere else in the world.