The most convincing invitation for a big event are enthusiastic participants. An emotionally charged video can speak or celebrate for themselves, thus encouraging other music lovers to secure tickets for the next event as quickly as possible. An aftermovie or trailer – thanks to the numerous possibilities offered by Web 2.0 – can be placed on a variety of platforms, thus tailoring the desired target group precisely.

Even as a trailer or as an advertising film at other events, a rousingly designed event trailer will surely hit an enthusiastic audience. Thus, with the success of the past event, you can whet your appetite for the new edition and be pleased about a strong ticket presale at an early stage.

Eventfilms, Aftermovies and Trailer

Hegenberg-Productions has been successfully producing aftermovies for events of all kinds since 2003 and can therefore draw on a wide range of experience. Even before the Youtube and Facebook time began, Hegenberg Productions coined the term aftermovie and was thus one, if not THE first of the aftermovie history. We currently manage the media production for around 35 events, festivals and shows each year. That’s why we travel internationally and film the world’s biggest happenings.

With our high-quality RED cameras we can take pictures with up to 300 pictures per second in a resolution of up to 8k. During the post-production phase, each image can be re-emphasized in terms of light-dark contrast and color. In the end, this results in a completely harmonious and professional video that reproduces unique moments in an absolutely authentic and realistic way.