Advertising film and commercials stay in the head!

Commercials and advertisings show more than words can say or convey still images. With an individually designed video you arouse emotions and express passion for your goals or products. Turn customers into fans and business partners in an instant. No matter if you want to skilfully stage a new article in your assortment or your complete company – with an appealing short film all relevant information can be compactly summarized in a sequence, that remains in the memory and promises long-term effects.

The only difference between the advertisment and the commercial film is the duration of the respective video. While a advertisment conveys the most important message within a few scenes, a commercial covers a wider range of information. As passionate experts in all aspects of professional video production, we are happy to cover all the steps from the creation of a harmonious concept to the final production and post-production for the creation of an all-round successful advertising film or commercial.

Commercials – short and concise

Commercials are popular and frequently used marketing measures. While they used to be broadcast on TV or in the movies in the past, today Web 2.0 offers an incredible range of opportunities to reach the desired audience. Particularly creative and funny advertising spread as viral videos ideally by themselves and sharing by users of various forums and platforms.

Due to the diverse distribution channels, you can make a commercial accessible within a very short time to a large number of addressees. That is why it is particularly important to emphasize quality. With Hegenberg-Productions  you have a competent partner at your side, who can draw on a wide range of know-how, with more than 30 productions per year, forge a high-quality storyboard and take over the entire production of the spot for you.

Your brand really big in a commercial

Due to their slightly longer duration, commercials are able to perfectly convey moods and more complex information. For example, you can use ads to inform your customers about the production process of an article, or you can give a little insight into your everyday work with an image film. This shows transparency, strengthens your brand and creates an original way of sympathy.

If you would like to present a new product, it makes sense to show potential buyers their use in everyday life by means of an advertising film. A small story with authentic-looking actors impresses in a particularly sustainable way. Again, you can rely on a professional conception and implementation by Hegenberg Productions. From the first idea to the location scouting, the directing and the filming to the postproduction, which includes the color correction, we take care of the entire production with passion.