Imagefilm Production: Show Transparency!

In times when products are more and more the same in appearance and function and – especially in the case of technical devices – the quality of the layman’s quality is often very limited, the image of the respective manufacturer is becoming increasingly important.
Is the article made environmentally friendly? What responsibility does the company assume for its employees?
How is it rooted in the region and what charitable projects does it support?

All these questions play an important role for many customers today, especially when it comes to price-intensive purchasing decisions.
Therefore, it is important for companies to develop an individual company philosophy and communicate it effectively to the outside world.
This is most clearly achieved with a meaningful image film (also: corporate film), which addresses buyers on an emotional level and informs them as credibly as possible about the mission statement and the values of the company.

Image film production on a professional level

At least as important as the image film itself is its quality.
For example, it does not look very convincing when you promote innovative research and high-quality products with an amateur-produced film.
An appealing presentation of your company should convey a clear message and make it clear in an authentic way what you stand for as an entrepreneur.

To ensure that this succeeds the best, we at Hegenberg-Productions are available with many years of know-how in the multifaceted field of professional film production.
Together with you, we develop an individual concept that puts your company in the right light and awakens enthusiasm among your potential buyers and business partners.
With the help of our high quality cameras we produce pin sharp films with a resolution of up to 8k.

Imagefilm production – from branding till product

As seasoned professionals in all aspects of film production, we offer you a broad repertoire of opportunities to skillfully stage your company and strengthen your brand.
For example, we use our camera-equipped drones to scan your company headquarters or plant and shoot a corporate film with new perspectives for you.
Let us advise you individually and profit soon from the success, which promises you a high-quality imagefilm.