Creative Content

Anyone who sees this feels more emotionally attached to the product. Therefore, creating a movie material – also called creative content – is an excellent way to keep your memories alive and emotionalize the products.



As an established all-in-one for professional filmproduction, we create individual and high-quality content for our customers, which puts the product perfectly in the limelight and lends an authentic taste to more. Since our post production works reliably fast, the finished film is available to your clients just a few days after production.

Creative content for successful marketing

The most convincing argument for a user is still the content. In an emotionally charged video, we let our customers speak for themselves and win more and especially new lovers for the brand. Thanks to the numerous possibilities offered by Web 2.0, such a content can be placed on a variety of platforms, domains, displays, and thus precisely reaches the desired target group.

Creative Content since 2003

Hegenberg-Productions has been successfully producing content for countless brands since 2003. Therefore, entrepreneurs and brands can draw on a wide range of experience.