Call to action with a productfilm

At the beginning of any business there is a vision: with an innovative product or service, the world may not change immediately, but at least enrich it and offer added value to as many people as possible. To present your potential customers and business partners as authentically as possible, both during the initial spirit of optimism and after a few years of company existence, the passion that lies behind your entrepreneurial spirit, a product film is the perfect choice.

New concepts show our customers new goals to move users to “call to action”. New perspectives in terms of quality open up new dimensions for us to discover and define the product in a new or even completely new way. It’s no secret that 81% of shoppers online are watching a video about the product, before making a purchase decision. This allows our customers to visually memorize the overall picture of their products and brands.

Productfilms give transparency and arouse emotions

Realizing dreams also means making them experienceable. Product videos give us an authentic insight into what the product can or is. Visually emotional, we show the buyers products with impressive images of what it is all about and which USPs are special here. So you convince with transparency and gain sympathy. Especially for products in which complex technological processes take place, it is often difficult to give a concise overview of the processes in short form. Here, our original mix of concept, idea and visualization brings the product a whole lot closer to the buyer.

Product videos are not an isolated case

More than fifteen years ago Hegenberg Productions started to train the eyes for the fascination of product videos and today you have years of experience in the demanding field of cinematographic product video. Above all, the challenge here is to skillfully stage the target object and to create a coherent overall concept, instead of a pure explanatory character, which is either original, emotional or tense.