Opening Dreischeibenhaus film and photo by drone

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  • 9. February 2015

On the occasion of the opening of the Dreischeibenhaus in Dusseldorf, we accompanied the constructions for the event and glamorous evening reception. Noise Toys did a brilliant job and moved a total stage into the Dreischeibenhaus, including an impressive stage lighting. This should be submitted the focus on shooting.

In order to provide a general overview of the complete building, it made sense to show the 26 floors on bird’s-eye view. With one of our drone / multicopter we climbed 100m in height, to get the 96m high building completely into the picture. Approximately 1500 windows of total 3,000 windows, were so to see in one fell swoop.

We did not only an excellent video, but also stunning photos. Some selected photos are here to see.

Dreischeibenhaus_Drohne_Multikopter Dreischeibenhaus_Fassade Dreischeibenhaus_Konzert_Drohne Dreischeibenhaus_Außenbeleuchtung Dreischeibenhaus_Konzert_Drohne1 Dreischeibenhaus_Empfang_Drohne Dreischeibenhaus_a&o_Flugscheinwerfer

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