Photos from Film in 6k

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  • 26. January 2015

Otherwise thought as the classic photo look, we wanted to create a different look for this shooting. With our RED EPIC DRAGON we could exude a pleasant atmosphere during the entire shoot. At a resolution of 6k (higher than some DSLR SLR cameras ), we were able to shoot images without time pressure. The actors were free to move and did not pose. Just for the customers of Bas Wortel Personal Training, this was a real relief. 100 images are generated continuously in the second, wich makes it easy to choose the best photos / scene easily. No problem with twinkling eyes or hair are the face.
In addition,  the film look from the camera and an image in widescreen format, which is perceived easier on the eye than the 4: 3 of a DSLR.

Fantastic fast results!


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