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katamaran cat cup segeln catamarankatamaran cat cup segeln catamaran

Sailing with catamaran

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Sailing like never before

In Schwerin started the shoot. It was not the warmest day to sail. For us a completely new experience, because this time it was not, car to car, but boat to boat. We drove out and shot spectacular shots of catamarans. One faster than the other. In our video production it was important that we are faster like all other catamarans. So it was close that we changed to a speedboat. With countless knots through the water, we have brought in each catamaran. We had to watch out, that we do not interfere with the current competition with our own waves. This can give someone a clear disadvantage.
The droneshots we did, did everything necessary from above.

wotan wilke möhring

Wotan Wilke Möhring Men Fashion

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Wotan Wilke Möhring Men fashion

Wotan is the new ambassador for engbers. This constellation must be firmly held. To get insights for photoshoot, we have accompanied this. From the variety of sets and scenes we could win enough material for these very short six hours shoot. Followed by an interview, this was the optimal combination to show the cooperation with Wotan Wilke Möhring and engbers in an exciting and dynamic way.

To this end, more films will follow.

Ganze Kolumne
Outfit Jacko
Link zu Vimeo

zeichnung drawing

Drawing for Storyboard

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The drawing

With a drawing both parties are on the same level. The grandiose ideas confused not only in a head, but are on paper now or in this case in a digital storyboard.
This is one of the drawings for a current storyboard. More we can´t tell at this moment. :)


Commercial clip emsa myBakery Butler

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Commercial clip equal but different.

Almost like in paradise … just without snacking! With our filming the commercial clip of myBakers Butler of EMSA, the water ran us one time or another in your mouth. So that the whipped cream, the fresh raspberries and other ingredients would survive the long hours turning the spotlight without changing the exterior, we had to dig deep into their bag of tricks. The use of chemical products not only prevented that the goodies, even at warmer temperatures, went in together, but unfortunately, the delicacy of the team.
The commercial clip is available in six different languages: Russian, German, English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. When storyboard therefore had to be taken right from the start that everything also corresponds to all prescribed standards of the respective countries. For example, the raspberry cream pie was chosen, which enjoys great popularity in all countries. The muffins were on the other hand occur in the promotional clip in variety of ways.
The butler comes in with a etagere to showcase cupcakes and cake pops nicely on the coffee table, and without etagere, to transport flat or high pies and cakes. Thus arose the same two commercial clips that introduce the respective myBaker Butler in its diversity.
The commercial clip is available in 6 different languages. Including Russian, German, English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. Ultimately, two different commercials are these come out in six different language variations a lot of files, had to be thought wise over its sorting and coding. So we have previously configured a system that allowed us to classify and sort the 9GB large files easier. Very clever!

To the product



Corporate film or brand introduction

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Corporate film or corporate video. No matter how you want to call it. We supplied Drexelius Präzisionsdrehteile exactly what they needed. Varied, similar to some existing regulations through imagefilms, not too costly and brought the matter within two minutes to the point.
This we realized with the script, the storyboard, the days of filming, our drone and ultimately with the average for the Sauerland dominions. A wonderful environment brought a lot of fun with it.
The result is now online.

unternehmensfilm brand introduction unternehmerfilm